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3 Photography Tips for Better Maternity Images

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1. Weight on back foot pose

Following all the typical rules of portrait photography, except for the 90-degree angle. That is the classic pose where the pregnant woman turns completely to the side with her belly sticking out to show the lovable baby bump. But you want to show the beauty of the mother and give her a flattering pose as well. To do this, simply tell mom-to-be to face a 45-degree angle and more importantly to put all her weight on her back foot. This will leave her front leg for a more relaxed resting position. You never want to turn a pregnant woman to face directly at the camera like a mug shot - there is no way to make this flattering.

2. Sibling belly kiss

Another great opportunity with maternity photography that you don't have with any other is the belly as a prop. If there is an older sibling of the soon-to-arrive baby brother/sister then bring the little one in for a quick kiss of momma's belly. The patience runs thin quick with the little ones, so make sure everything is set and lighting tested before bringing big brother or sister into the lighted stage.

3. Go Boudoir

While this is certainly the call of the new mom, but many younger moms are happy to get a little creative and show more than the portruding belly. If she has interest in going that direction, she can shed as much clothing as she is comfortable with (or without) and of course use proper posing to cover any body parts that would be considered improper. With some women, the only time the thought of posing almost nude is during pregnancy, as it isn't considered in the arena of arousal, but more of a beautiful, natural state.

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