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Asheville can be tough to photograph

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The best time to photograph Asheville, North Carolina would be in the fall, when you can not only shoot some nice afternoon and evening shots in the town center, but also visit some of the rural areas just outside of town for some awesome fall foliage.

Photo of Asheville, NC

I, however, visited Asheville in early June. It was a beautiful evening with clear skies and warm weather. But in spite of the great conditions, this ended up being one of those stops where I just could not find many favorable photo opportunities.

I arrived an hour or so before sundown, which offers the best photography light, but after walking the city's center, with the many restaurants, bars and occasional street performer, I could not find many photo options or subjects that felt right to me. This sometimes happens when I find myself in small, compact areas with a lot of people. I suppose it's because people distract me from finding workable shots, given that they are always present, in the shot, or trying to take the same photograph. Shooting around them, or finding ways to incorporate them into the photo can be tricky, and usually does not work well.

At dusk, I tried several long exposures and came away with a few nice images near Pack's Tavern and the government building in Pack Square Park. The photograph that did work for me was taken from the top floor of the parking garage at the intersection of Broadway and College. I was able to get a nice photograph with a few car light trails heading west on College Street.

Content with the fact that I was going to be lucky to come away with more than three or four images from this stop, I decided to try a local restaurant and chose a cheeseburger/fries combo from a really good locally-owned restaurant called Farm Burger, located at 10 Patton Avenue. I would highly recommend trying the burger next time you find yourself in Asheville.

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